Arrow Emblems is our fully owned sister company that specializes in Patches, Labels, Chenille, Lapel Pins and more. For more info on products and prices we offer visit our website.
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Classic embroidered patches with polyester thread sewn on poly blended twill. Color fast in the wash.  Heat seal, Velcro, Plastic or Sticker backings are optional.
Woven patches, ideal when a design is too detailed or complex to be a chieved with the embroidery process. Created by weaving the different color threads together to form a cohesive yet completely flat lightweight highly detailed patch.
Sublimated is done with full color transfers heat pressed onto poly twill fabric. Its good for full color images with small details that can't embroider cleanly.
Chenille is the fluffy carpet like material that is popular with the varsity jacket style.  Heat pressing flattens the yarn so it must be sewn on.
Tackle Twill is fully custom, single- to triple-layered, permanently heat-sealable iron on numbers and letters feature zig zag stitching on the edge of both the foreground and background colors.